Winamp remote? unlikely

Winamp allows to listen to one's library from anywhere with an internet connexion (you should leave winamp open on your home computer I guess)

That's quite amazing (although I never tried because I'm a security freak)

It seems unlikely that you will find this feature in foobar2000 (please tell me if I'm wrong)


Anonymous said...

Just to point out that Winamp Remote is in fact a plugin version of Orb which can be downloaded as a standalone server and thus be separate from Winamp and Foobar.

Not only does this have the benefit of working when the media player is closed, and working alongside any media player of your choice, but it actually works a lot nicer. For instance can we run as an administrative process in order to update without having to run the media player as administrator.

Anonymous said...

*can be run

ojdo said...

That's not true. Foobar has foo_upnp which allows for browsing and streaming your music. This works both local in your network but also---given that your router is configured to forward the port that is used by foo_upnp---over internet. I do this quite often to stream my music from home to work. It even offers on-the-fly compression of lossless music!