Sound enhancement DSP

Winamp has various sound enhancing plugins such as Audioburst PowerFX.

In foobar2000, various DSP components can be found to enhance sound:

1. Noise Sharpening
Noise sharpening is based on signal processing theories and enhances the resolution by adding noise in the inaudible range. The sound is much clearer. If you don't believe it, listen to this example - sung by Calaposa:
Around the middle (9s), the plugin is activated. It may sound like trebles are increased in the EQ, but it's more than this. Here the effect is maximum, but it can be more subtle.

The component is called foo_dsp_delta and does other things you can try.

To activate noise sharpening, once the component installed, go to Menu>File>Preferences, Plauback / DSP Manager, find "Noise Sharpening" in the right column and send it to the left column. Then you can setup the percentage of effect.

2. Bauer Stereo-to-Binaural
This is based on virtual acoustics. When listening with headphones (no effect with speakers), it is supposed to make the experience less tiring/more 3D.

3. ...

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