What's currently playing?

It's quite useful to have a clear display of information about the current track, (like in the main Winamp window) or for example, in this picture.

You can do such a thing in the default UI without much effort, but it will not have many fancy graphic effects...

Do to that, install the component foo_textdisplay (page), which can display any informations about the current track (the content and formatting are, customizable, of course)

Once you installed the component, add a new element in the layout, and chose Selection Information / Text Display.

Then you can customize the format (that's easy) and the content, which needs a little knowledge about titleformatting.

To have the same display as the picture above, the syntax is:
[%artist% - ]
[%album%[ '('%date%')']$crlf()]
%playback_time%[ / %length%]

(NB: $ctrlf is a linebreak)

More info about titleformatting is available there.

If you want more graphic effects, the best is probably to use the columns_UI, which can be skinned more widely. (Or check this post about a graphic user interface, but it is not really recommended)

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