Bonus: Highest customizability

Imagine you buy a wardrobe in a furniture shop. Then you realize it's not quite the right size to fit it where you wanted, so you have to figure out another place. You wish the color was a little lighter. You still don't really like that handle. it would be good if there was more shelves in there, and less drawers. etc.

now imagine you buy wood and screws and make your wardrobe exactly how you want it to be. It takes some time, but when it's finished and you push it in the little space where it fits perfectly, look at it: you're satisfied. Plus, with your tools and stuff, you can change the handles, the number of shelves, the appearance, everything, anytime.

Once you configured your foobar, the satisfaction is similar. It's exactly how you want it to be, and you can change it anytime. And you won't hurt yourself.

Also, your foobar can keep improving. It's a bit like tuning a car. You can just regularly check components catalogs, and find out which component looks interesting. Foobar2000 core is made in such a way that 3rd party developers have extremely rich possibilities to make plugins. As a consequence, the developer community is rich, and there are many many many components available, making the possibilities of foobar2000 infinite.

Titleformatting allows you to write proper programming everywhere. For example, in the setup of a component, there can be a box "Folder" to setup the folder where the lyrics will be stored, for example. In another media player, you would probably just put a folder, maybe you would have a few options like "separate by artist" or whatever.
Here you can write a proer programm. Like, "if the genre is rock, put them on my external disk, otherwise, if the artist name contains a Z, put them in a folder with the intials of the artists, otherwise put them in folders by year and album." Whatever.

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Anonymous said...

Its not that customizable. I still cant make the control buttons bigger than what they are. No matter which monitor I sit at the buttons are smaller than my fingertips with a monitors native resolution. Damn things are hard to hit with a cursor. If someone has a netbook with a touch screen foobar is doing them no favors. Foobar is doing themselves no favors by not allowing those changes.