Notification: A nice popup in the corner

1. In Winamp
Winamp features this nice popup in the bottom-right corner, providing information when a new song starts:
2. Foobar2000 built-in feature
In foobar, you have a built-in similar feature. Go to Preferences/Display/Default User Interface and tick all boxes in the "System Notification Area" on the right. You will get this awesome balloon, which looks like windows wants to update whenever your song changes:

3. Advanced feature
Now if you want something better, install the component foo_popupplus and get for example something like this:

(NB: you will need to decompress the file with Winrar or 7zip)

In addition to the winamp thing, you get:
-A fully customizable popup: size, fonts, content, delay, events...
-Many different skins
-Action buttons (Next, Previous, Pause...)
-Free location: you can chose any location on the screen for it to appear

Just for indication, here is the configuration I used.
In the Menu>File>Preferences, in the Display/Popup Plus section:
-In "skin", I chose foton_popup, and in the options on the right I disabled "show icon" (foobar icon) and "align avatar on the right" (the cover art)
-In "general", I changed the size of the "avatar" (actually the cover art)
-In "general", in the "Size & position" box, I unticked "lock popup position", to change the position of the popup.

Play with the settings.

Other components:
-foo_prettypop does popups in the outlook style, much less customizable in my opinion.
-Apparently, foo_advancedcontrols includes a similar features but I think you just get that balloon.


Magaro said...

ty for this plugin, i have been searchin for a notification on foobar!

Anonymous said...

Thank you very much!
I couldn't manage with PrettyPopup to show album art since they released the Vista compatible version, and this nice component solved my problem! :D

Anonymous said...

Thanks man! Appreciate it

Anonymous said...

It crash on foobar2000 v1.1 on skin section. Please fix it.

Anonymous said...

thank you so much, i've been having troubles using prettypopup for years!