These include stupid questions I and other people asked themselves... things sometimes obvious in any serious media player but that you can't seem to find here.

Why does the content of the playlist change whenever I select an entry in the library search?
Go to Menu>File>Preferences, section Media Library. At the bottom, there is an option called "Library Viewer Selection Playlist / Activate when changed" -> that's it. You can deactivate it. Then the focused playlist will keep focus even if you browse your library.

They say foobar is the best software to convert files, but it doesn't even allow mp3 encoding...
You have to install the commandline lame encoder to convert to mp3. I think it cannot be included in foobar2000 for legal reasons (remember mp3 is a proprietary format).
The most common lame encoder is a .dll file, but here you will need a .exe file (the famous commandline one). You can find it here.

Can I move the buttons (play, stop, etc) ?
In the default UI, just enable layout editing mode (File>View>Layout>Enable layout editing mode), right click on an element, Replace UI element (don't worry it will actually stay there), then containers / toolbar header. A bar will be added at the top of your element. Right click on it and activate "Buttons" and whatever you want.

How to jump to the current song?
To jump to the currently playing song, double click on the status bar =)

How can I thank the guy who wrote all this (I found something a bit useful)?
Please follow one of the three following options:
-Keep using foobar2000, and if one day you take over the world thanks to your super-great foobar2k config, don't forget me.
-Leave the first comment anywhere in this blog which is not an ad.
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Anonymous said...

excellent guide! thanx a lot!

thanasis said...

really really nice! thanks lots...

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Thx. useful guide and very well laid out and presented.

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Thanx for the guide, found this site when i was frustrated with foobar and its lack of good tutorial

Anonymous said...

Thanx for the guide, found this site when i was frustrated with foobar and the lack of good tutorials on its customization