Shoutcast DSP? investigating.

With Winamp you can broadcast on an internet radio what's playing in your winamp, with the Shoutcast DSP plugin.

It is developped by NullSoft, so obviously it is primarily designed for winamp.

Apparently the plugin edcast can do a similar job (i.e, use foobar as a source for mp3 streaming servers)

It is under investigation.


Wes Derby said...

Considering a switch from Winamp to Foobar, but as I do some online broadcasting, I have a concern. I'm told the Linerec plug-in for activating your mic doesn't work in Foobar, so that I'd be able to stream my music, but not my voicebreaks. Is there an equivalent plug-in for this, or a work-around?

Anonymous said...

wes, see