Smart Views (iTunes: Smart Playlists)

In Winamp you can create so called "Smart Views", which are playlist that automatically update to always contain the tracks matching a given search query, that are displayed in a configurable way.

For example, you may want a list containing rock of the 90s. The syntax will be:
genre = "rock" AND year >= "1990" AND year < "2000"

You can do the same in foobar, in which the syntax will be:
genre IS rock AND date GREATER 1989 AND date LESS 2000

To see a full syntax reference, see that post.

Now how to do that?
1. Open a Media Library search box (Menu>Library>Search, in the default_UI)
2. Type in your search syntax
3. Use the [...] button on the right of the search field
4. Chose "Create autoplaylist"

A new automatic playlist has been created. You can rename it or whatever.

However, you can't setup a specific layout for that specific playlist.
(But you can setup the order with SORT BY [field])

Again, a full list of syntax fields and operators can be found here.

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August Janse said...

I had no idea you could do this, thanks!