Extra: Alarm Clock, Sleep mode....

There may have been that function in Winamp, I don't know.

In foobar2000, it is possible to schedule some task. Cool examples include:
-Sleep mode: close foobar2000 and shut down the computer when the playback stops
-Alarm clock: Start playback automatically at a given time, to wake you up....
-... and automatically increase volume at some given times, in case you don't wake up.


The component: foo_scheduler.
Setup: "Menu>File>Preferences, General/Scheduler"
-Enable scheduler.
-First, create "actions" in the bottom part, to which you give an arbitrary ID (a name for example). Once you chose an ID, you can add concrete actions.
-Then, create triggers in the top part (either time-related or event-related) and associate the actions ID to them.

Now try to find cool applications for that =)

NB: If you just want your computer to shut down when the playback is finished, you can add this smaller component: foo_shutdown
It will add the option Menu>Playback>Shut down when noise stops

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