Feature suggestion

If there is a Winamp feature that you want to "translate" in Foobar2000, post your suggestion in comment here!

Features that I am currently investigating:
-Converting: many built-in features
-Tagging Power: many components...
-Replay Gain: perfectly built-in
-Emulate winamp : the Winamp API Simulator (to make foobar compatible with applications who used to talk with winamp)
-Use the Winamp visualizations: foo_vis_schpeck
-Use the Winamp : foo_dsp_winamp


Unknown said...

Hi was curious about the audiostocker plugin. This would keep volume the same from track to track on the fly without having to change individual mp3 volume settings. Any ideas? It also was a compressor. I have been using winamp bridge with this plugin, but maybe I don't have too if you guys have any suggestions. Btw I love this guide and will tell my winamp friends why they should get foobar. Been a foobar user for 2 years now and love it!!!

Salomanuel said...

Hi there
my main complaint with foobar is it's his HUGE visual dimension on screen
I loved winamp because it can become tiny while still remaining functional
(you know not being american, I can use little things without feeling inappropriate (j.k.)

here an example:

there is such a way to do that with foobar?

thanks in advance!

Anonymous said...

Winamp has a sweet album art downloader. I haven't found one for Foobar2000 yet.

Yongbyon said...

I'm a recent Winamp escapee and there's one feature that Winamp had and I miss it in foobar. It is the permanent hiding of the taskbar button. I can minimalize foobar to the system tray with the help of Columns UI. This way the taskbar button disappears but when I restore the foobar window the taskbar button comes back again. So shortly I don't want to see foobar in the taskbar, only in the system tray.