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foobar2000 is awesome; so is Let's open your media player to an infinite library of new tracks.

There are two things you can do in foobar regarding (for both, you need to have a account):
1. Scrobble tracks you listen to in foobar2000
2. Listen to radios inside foobar2000. (I'm not sure you can do that in Winamp!)

1. Scrobbling
Component: foo_audioscrobbler
There seems to be two different foo_audioscrobbler:
- The official is installed automatically when installing the software (if Foobar is found or the location is provided). This one uses the software. -> That's the one I use
Once the component is installed you don't have to do anything. The tracks are scrobbled through the client, which needs to be running (an allows you to see artist info, send feedback.... and to turn of scrobbling easily). It works perfectly for me, apparently some people report crashes.
-One is "standalone" and does not need the software. This one doesn't seem to work for me at the moment. Apparently it enables iPod scrobbling (with foo_dop)! Can be found here.

2. Listening to radios
Component: foo_lastfm_radio
Once the component is installed, go to Menu>File>Open Radio Station, and click the only option available. Then enter your username and password.

Now, you can access radios two ways:
-In the same Menu>File>Open Radio Station, you can access absolutely all kind of radios (except personal tag radios, for subscribers)
-In the context menu of the TRACKS (anywhere in foobar2000), there is a radio element. It allows to play the artist's radio, the tag radio based on its genre, and the year's tag radio.
Once you select a radio, a list of songs appear in the playlist view. Double-click on the first one to start streaming. The list should refresh automatically.

NB: This component does NOT scrobble the tracks. If you want to scrobble them, you have to use both components.

So, at last, you can have global hotkeys, notification, equalizer... in !!! =)

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Rofl Lundgren said...

The link for the stand-alone scrobbler is now:

Just added it to my set-up, works perfectly!