Podcast management

iTunes is probably the most used podcast manager, but Winamp does the job too:

So, what does it do: you give the address of the podcast (RSS feed), and it displays a list of all tracks in the podcast, you just have to double-click them (or drag-drop or whatever) to play them. That's convenient.

Can you do that in foobar2000? Kind of, but you will need to install another application if you want it to be handy, and it's a bit more "manual" =)

1. Install a podcast downloader, such as Juice (formerly iPodder), an open-source podcast aggregator (otherwise you'll have to download manually each time...)

If you install Juice:
a.Set it up to download your desired podcasts in a given directory in Menu>File>Preferences, tab "General", at the bottom of the page.
Note that each podcast will actually be downloaded in a subfolder of that folder, with the name of the podcast.
b.In the main window, go to the "Subscriptions" tab, then push the (+) button to add your feed.
Add the address of the RSS feed (http:// ..... .rss)
Then click on the button "Check for new podcasts". You should get a list of episodes.
Select episodes you want to download and push the "Check/Download selected feed"

2. Install the component foo_playlist_bind (you will need to decompress the file with Winrar or 7zip)
With this component, it is possible to synchronize a playlist with a folder.
Now, create a playlist with any name, and go to Menu>File>Preferences>Tools>Playlist Bind
Chose your playlist, and click the [+] button to chose the podcast folder to synchronize with.

3. From now on, whenever you want to catch up on your podcast:
-Launch Juice; it should download automatically the podcasts.
-In foobar2000, Activate your bound playlist and chose Menu>File>Bind>Update (or Update All) to sync your playlist with the podcast.

It does perfectly the job, but an integrated podcast support in foobar2000 would be really appreciated =)


Rofl Lundgren said...
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Laurence said...
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Laurence said...

I've recently released a component for subscribing to podcasts with foobar2000. It's called foo_podcatcher, and you can download it from http://www.unkempt.co.uk/fb2k/foo_podcatcher.html. Hope it helps.

edpw said...

Laurence's foo_podcatcher component is brilliant and I'd strongly recommend it over the solution in the main text of this post.

Anonymous said...

how can i manage (list, eventually remove) the feed list in foo-podcaster ?

Team building activities said...

Podcast management is given in the post here. Read all about it